Up and Over the Black Belt Wall!

Lisa and Jennifer’s daughters at the end of their Black Belt test

Dr. Lisa’s Parent Coaching Tip:

Ask your child if there is something that he/she has achieved that they believe required them to have courage.  Ask them: “What did you learn about courage?”  Is there something they want to achieve that will surely take courage?  What type of courage will it take?  Check out our Six Types of Courage for some help defining what type of courage may be needed. 

The next time you are stuck solving some parenting problem, like your child wants to quit something he/she just started, or he/she is having conflict with a friend, or he/she just can’t get seem to get up and ready in the morning, ask your child: “What is your idea about how we are going to solve this problem?”  You can tell them you have some ideas, but that you value their opinion and believe it is part of their responsibility, too, to help solve this problem.  Depending on your child’s age, of course, you could ask them, “If we suddenly woke up tomorrow morning and we’d switched roles, you are now the parent and I am your child, and we still have this problem, what would you suggest we do?”

We’d love you to share some of your conversations about courage with your children in our COMMENTS section! 

Blessings on the journey! 

One thought on “Up and Over the Black Belt Wall!

  1. Lisa Dungate

    Thanks for taking the time to comment Maia!My kids didn't start TKD until they were 7 and 10…I'm amazed when I see "little ninjas" (as they are called) at ages 3 and 4 on the mats.We started with tumbling and gymnastics classes, but always the focus has been on fun and fitness!Helping our kids find their passions (which will hold them in good stead through adolescence) is what is important, and sometimes that takes exposing them to lots of different sports or creative activities.Keep tumbling!


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