Other Blogs & Websites You Might Like

  • Free Range Kids tweeted our post “The Journey Our Kids Are On.”
  • Matt, Liz and Madeline a blog by a single father who has had to raise his daughter alone quite unexpectedly.
  • The Grass Stain Guru, a blog about getting children outdoors.  The tag line is “Childhood was meant to be messy.”
  • The Art of Manliness is one we enjoy, because they are redefining manliness, a trait often associated with traditional definitions of courage.
  • 1,000 Awesome Things reminds us to practice gratitude every day for even the simplest things.
  • Your Wild Child is about the benefits of exploring the natural world with your child that recently posted Lisa’s story about tree-climbing.
  • Early Childhood Brain Insights is full of great ideas for how to best develop young minds, from early childhood and brain development specialist and presenter, Deborah McNelis.
  • Playborhood has a wonderful sign to post in your front yard, declaring your neighborhood a kid zone!
  • Ordinary Courage is Brené Brown’s blog promoting authenticity, belonging, courage, compassion, and connection in our everyday lives.  You can read more about Dr. Brown’s emotional courage here.
  • Learn to be a Hero is the Hero Construction Company’s school teaches kids to stand up to bullies, live the hero’s journey, and be heroes!
  • Beads of Courage is a site about children facing serious illness.
  • Circle of Courage is a model of youth empowerment used with Native American and First Nations children.
  • LIVESTRONG fights to improve the lives of those affected by cancer.  Full of valuable resources, courageous stories, and parenting information.
  • Ask Dr. Sears offers up-to-date information and discussion about attachment parenting and pediatric health.
  • Moving Smart Now shows the link between physical play activities and brain development in young children.  Laying a solid foundation for physical courage may start with activities such as these.

Please feel free to suggest other blogs we might want to look at.  We will update this list periodically.