The Top Ten Reasons To Read Our Blog!

  1. We hope…our blog will entertain you with true stories, fables, fairy tales, myths, and legends while your kids are growing strong in the soil you provide.
  1. We hope…our blog will help you muster courage in the face of fear, be an inspirational parent to your children, and foster the security and hope for your children’s future.
  1. We hope…our blog will ensure that you are a resilient family despite fear-mongering news reports and statistics, or economic uncertainty.   
  1. We hope…our blog will inspire you stand up, speak your truth, and be a social leader amongst your peers, playground mates, and coworkers. It takes courage to be a leader!
  1. We hope…our blog will compel you to vote, devote your time to a worthy cause, and boost your moral integrity. It takes courage to do the right thing!

  1. We hope…our blog will move you to feel your feelings, conquer worry, and open your heart to be emotionally prepared for the inevitable joys and sorrows in life.  It takes courage to be happy!
  1. We hope…our blog will educate you through stories that nurture your spirit, help you discover your purpose, and find spiritual meaning in life.  It takes courage to have faith!
  1. We hope…our blog will help you be healthy in body, mind, and spirit to develop the strength to face whatever physical challenges you have ahead.  It takes courage to be strong!
  1. We hope…our blog will encourage you to speak your mind, post your comments, and be an intellectual critical thinkerIt takes courage to tell the truth!

  1. We hope…our blog will show you evidence-based ways to nurture courage in your children, 5-Minute Workouts to help develop your courage muscles, and inspirational true-life stories to help you connect with others committed to parenting courageous kids.
Twenty years from now, our kids will be facing and making some really big decisions.  We don’t want to add to the fear-mongering that gives so many people the heebie-jeebies, but we do want to suggest that the world they inherit may be even more of a challenge than what we have today.  So let’s gather our facts, look them squarely in the eye, and set out on the path with an open heart.

Now what?  Please explore the blog!  This content is all free, no strings attached. We just want to share what we are learning.  If you think this is an important topic, please take a look around and see what we have discovered about courage so far. We want our kids and your kids to grow up with plenty of courage so they can be part of the solution in the future.  Together.