Courage Book Review – Speaking of Courage

Today we offer some books you might share with your kids.

CourageFirst, because Lion’s Whiskers is about courage, we have a simple, sweet and heart-felt picture book by author-illustrator, Bernard Waber,  Courage. In one-line sentences with accompanying illustrations, this book shows examples of all six types of courage, from the “awesome kinds” to the “everyday kinds.” “Courage is two candy bars and saving one for tomorrow,” is a great example of emotional courage activating self-control. “Courage is tasting the vegetable before making a face,” shows us the physical courage to try new foods. Social courage is clear in, “Courage is being the first to make up after an argument.” Every page offers something to inspire conversation about the big and little things that take courage in a child’s life. A must for every child’s courage collection.  Recommended for preschool and up.

Seven Brave WomenNext, for a slightly older audience, we have Seven Brave Women, by Betsy Hearne, illustrated by Bethanne Andersen. Why is history so often taught using wars as markers? Here, Hearne offers seven women who lived at the time of one war or another, “but she did not fight in it.” Instead, these women demonstrate the courage to immigrate, to raise a family on a lonely farm, to enter a male-dominated career, to pursue dreams, to practice compassion; the generations of the narrator’s family and the artifacts each woman left as a talisman of courage are sure to spark conversation. For early primary grades.

Amber Was Brave, Essie Was SmartOur final book recommendation today is, Amber Was Brave, Essie Was Smart, a story in poems and pictures by Vera Williams. Through poems, we learn that sisters Amber and Essie are on their own a bit too much, and have a bit too little to eat. Mother is working; Father is in prison. The emotional courage each inspires in the other is what helps them carry on, in spite of uncertainty. For readers up to 10 or 11.

Please be sure to tell us what your favorite children’s book with a courage theme is! 

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