Courage Question of the Day

Lion’s Whiskers asks: What do you think was your most courageous moment?  Which of the six types of courage were you using?
Don’t be bashful, please share…no doubt you will inspire someone else today!

One thought on “Courage Question of the Day

  1. Lisa Dungate

    Well done Anonymous!Glad you were brave and prepared enough to not just be a bystander, but be someone's savior!It's people like you, who don't stand on the sidelines of life thinking someone else will make the call, someone else will save the day, someone else will save that person's life…that inspire us all.

  2. Anonymous

    Last summer a man collapsed in front of my house while running a 5K.I just happened to be watching the race from my front porch.He was not breathing and had no pulse and I had to decide whether to start CPR on him until the EMTs came.I did.Truly the most intense and scary moment of my life.Not sure how I made the decision to do this, but I can only say that I knew there was no other option.He survived and now I have a friend for life.


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