Courage Question of the Day

Lion’s Whiskers asks: Did you have a favorite legend, myth, fable or folk tale as a kid? Have you ever retold it to your kids? (p.s. don’t worry if it doesn’t have a courage theme!)

Care to tell us what the story was…and inspire another parent to tell their child the story?

One thought on “Courage Question of the Day

  1. Beth Smisloff

    The stories of my childhood were family stories, shared around the dinner table..often with the main objective to make the audience laugh. Funny stories about aunts and uncles from generations past, or the childhood stories of grandparents and parents.Long after the dishes were done and the last of the coffee was sipped everyone lingered around the table for hours, telling stories and laughing.The stories have changed with the passing of the generations, but the tradition continues with each new generation…young ears eager to listen to funny stories..and sometimes having the courage to tell their own.

  2. Barbaloot

    My favorite stories as a small child those of Dr. Suess and my dad.Dr. Suess's stories do deal with courage, I think, because they are often about being true to yourself and marching to the beat of your own drum.I do plan to share these with my son as he grows up – we have the box set already.I think it's important for all children, especially adopted children, to be comfortable and confident with the ways they are not like "everyone else".(Whenever I said I wanted to be like everyone else, my dad replied that he was very disappointed I was aiming so low!)My dad grew up in very tough times, and a lot of his stories show his ability to keep his sense of humor and sense of adventure despite real material poverty, which I suppose could seen as another form of courage.

  3. Lisa Dungate

    Thanks barbaloot, you're a hoot!Couldn't agree more with you about Dr. Seuss and the nonsensical sensicalness of reading his wonderful stories together, especially as our kids are developing their capacity for language and love of linguistic gymnastics. Humor makes life more fun and ourselves more resilient!


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