Courage Tip of the Day

Make a mental list of three things you are thankful for today.  Practice, and talk about with your kids, “an attitude of gratitude”.  

Dr. Brené Brown’s (2010) research shows that joyful people actively write, say, and offer prayers of gratitude as a primary spiritual courage workout.

One thought on “Courage Tip of the Day

  1. ThaiHoa

    Eventhough my little one is only 14months she already knows how to pray.We pray each morning and thank God for the day, we bless our food and give thanks that it is on our table, and then pray at night to give thanks to our blessings.It is wonderful to see my one year old understand that pray = put her hands together!

  2. Lisa Dungate

    Thank you ThaiHoa for your sweet share!It is most impressive that between all you do each day to support your family (cook healthy & delicious meals, write your own blog, etc., etc.), you have made time to teach the importance of gratitude and model prayer for your daughter.In fact, your spiritual faith may well be the source of such inspiration and boundless energy!


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