Courage Quote of the Day

Choosing to go forward in the face of uncertainty is the willful, distinctly human act of optimism we perform each day.  We may know too much about the unpredictable ways of the world to expect a happy ending, but we can’t help but hope for one all the same.” ~ Fred Epstein, M.D., Author of if I get to five: What Children Can Teach Us About Courage and Character (2003)

One thought on “Courage Quote of the Day

  1. Eleanor Stanton

    The other thing children can teach us is to bring a sense of wonder to each new experience.Such as asking (when faced with uncertainty), "I wonder what this will be like" rather than telling ourselves "I KNOW this will be bad/good."

  2. Jennifer Armstrong

    Very good point, Eleanor.I don't always remain open to experience with that sense of wonder, myself, so thank you for the reminder!


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