One thought on “Courage Question of the Day

  1. Jennifer Armstrong

    Aww, Shane! I love that you picked Pa Ingalls. But I think I may have to go with Super Grover, too.

  2. Eric from Happy Birthday Author

    When I was a kid I spent a lot of energy admiring sports stars.I remember lying in bed listening to the radio each night hoping for a win for my favorite team the Detroit Tigers, pretending to be the player who hit the game winning home run in my backyard, and sorting baseball cards of my favorite guys.

    My son is 3 and a half and loves Luke Skywalker.If you were ask him why it would be because he has a light saber and space ship.

    My daughter, 6 years old, absolutely loves reading biographies of famous Americans.She keeps an Abraham Lincoln biography in the back of the car that she read often.Recently, he really has enjoyed reading about Sacajawea.


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