One thought on “Your heroic theme song!

  1. MaryBeth

    What else for 1958 would I pick but, "GREAT BALLS OF FIRE" by Jerry Lee Lewis! If ya know what I mean….

  2. Barbaloot

    I love it!Apparently 'Happy Together' was the no. 2 song the year I was born.Always loved that song and sang it to my son when I first adopted him.

  3. Snippety Giblets

    Bleurgh ! 1968 so not a lot I like ! I'd have to pick The Jimi Hendrix Experience – All Along The Watchtower. I have two heroic theme songs generally : One Way by the Levellers and Getting Away With It (All Messed Up) by James. Always do the trick :0)

  4. Lisa Dungate

    I'll go with the #1 song for 1967 "All You Need Is Love" by The Beatles. Love is all you need! Especially as a parent. That would be my heroic theme song, core value in life, and core message for sure!

  5. ThaiHoa

    Well I searched the top 100 songs of 1979.I will have to pick "I Will Survive" as my heroic theme song.However, I was amazed to find so many songs that I really enjoy today and didn't realize that was from 1979!


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