We Just Turned 40!

40 countries that is!  We would like to say “Thank You” to all our readers in the 40 countries who have visited Lion’s Whiskers to date.

Please continue to share your parenting experiences and wisdom with us by posting your comments!  We welcome your feedback as we research, write about, and develop our ideas about nurturing courage in our children. 

We recognize the importance of preparing our children to have courage in life, even if they have yet to face their most difficult moments.  We also recognize that sometimes we don’t have the opportunity to prepare for the kind of devastation that our readers in Japan, for example, are currently facing with such bravery. 

As we develop the blog, we will continue to feature everyday and heroic tales of courage.  We will also be including interviews with families who are both laying the foundations for courage with their children and who have already faced great difficulty with inspiring courage. We will continue to offer lots of 5-Minute Courage Workouts, activities, and stories that we hope you will find useful in promoting courage in your own lives.  If you wish to share what you are learning about how you are nurturing courage in your children in everyday life and/or during times of crisis, please contact us and share your story, or post your comments.

Please continue to share our blog link, join our subscription list (it’s anonymous and spam-free), become a follower, tweet us, “Like” us on facebook, and spread the courage word!

Here’s a great courage quote for today:

Don’t stop.  Knocked down, get up; pushed back, keep pushing forward, if it rains down on your dreams, forget shelter, get wet and keep moving.” ~ Cory Booker’s tweet yesterday on Twitter, the dynamic young mayor of Newark, NJ 

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